Short and Spout

We’re finally able to spill the tea on this fun launch from Irregular Choice. With cute little teapot heels, and some amazing embroidery, these shoes really are one of a kind. Once they arrived with us I just had to have a look at some of them, and they are so cute, the shoes feel amazing, and they actually make me want a cup of tea! Without further ado, lets jump into what we’ve got!


This is the first shoe I had a look at, it has the same teapot character heel as the rest of this collection which is super cute, and really easy to walk with compared to some of the other character heels irregular choice have done. The embroidery on this shoe is so detailed and honestly just really nice to stroke!

Looking for something to show that you really, really love tea? Come take a seat and have a cup! These magical pink, green and gold brocade court shoes are adorned with a gorgeous baby pink satin ribbon tied in a bow on the toe, and accented by the incredible teapot heel! Spilling out a metallic brown tea splash shaped sole, this character heel includes stunning floral detailing on the pink body of the teapot and even a little yellow handle! Whimsical, wonderful and wants to come home with you!

High Tea

These shoes have a soft lace pink ribbon to lace up the shoes, that are long enough to wrap around your ankle a little to give that extra support, with silver sequins all over the upper of the shoe, these are great to give you a little extra sparkle on your outfit! They’d be perfect for any afternoon tea outing!

High Tea

I think it’s time for tea! These fabulous lace up booties are dripping in character, the sheer purple ribbon laces criss cross all the way up in a gorgeous pattern, and the shoe itself is made from the most incredible deep jeweltone sequin encrusted texture! But the real star of the show is the amazing teapot character heel! With floral details and a fantastic pink colour, the teapot also seems to be spilling tea all down the bottom of the shoe and this makes up the sole! A real hero piece in your wardrobe and sure to start some conversations – maybe even over a cuppa!

Afternoon Treat

This style is slightly smaller than the others, although it features the same teapot heel at 10cm, they give me vibes of a smaller heel. With embroidered teacups and milk jugs, and cute little pink bows all over the blue upper of the shoes, they are very elegant and pretty. These shoes have a T-bar strap which is covered in little cakes and treats that you would have at afternoon tea, unfortunately they’re not edible, although we definitely wish that they were! I can imagine wearing these out to a cute little café to grab come tea and cake with an old friend, with rich colours and a beautiful heel, they really are perfect!

Afternoon Treat

Who’s for a spot of tiffin? Hit the sweet spot in these statement heels! The gorgeous black upper is embroidered with adorable afternoon tea supplies, and dotted with tiny little bows which lead up to the fabulous decoration on the T-Bar strap! Detailed and gorgeous embellished cakes and treats sit on the front of your foot and look good enough to eat, and if you need something to wash that down then take a look at the heel! Our newest fabulous character heel is shaped like a teapot! Fabulously detailed with a floral design, this pink teapot is spilling out teal tea which forms the sole on these showstoppers!

Sadly that’s all we have for these shoes, although we absolutely love them, we definitely wish there were more! Don’t forget to have a look at grabbing yourself a pair on our website!

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