Fairy Fantastic

Fairy Fantastic is a beautiful shoe from the Autumn/Winter 2021 range. It features a bubble wand, a character heel that lights up, and it makes sound. This shoe is matching with the Locket heart bag, which has similar effects.

Here is the instructional video for operating the shoes:

This video looks at the different features. Firstly there is the bubble want holder, which is adjustable and removable. You will also be provided with a complimentary bubble wand to start you off!

On the inside of the boot (the same one the bubble wand is on) there is a little sticker that shows you where to press to turn the sound and lights on. Note that they may need charging! The charging port is just inside the lining of the boot, you will see a little slit in the lining and inside there, is the charging port. You are provided with a cable that will be in the box.

When you click the button to turn on this shoe, you will hear a sound, now whenever you walk, you will hear magic and they will light up! These turn off by pressing the button for 3 seconds.

The other boot works in the same way, except there is no sound. The lights are not rechargeable, so make sure that you turn the shoes off when you’re not showing them off to your friends!

We hope you love these shoes as much as we do, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions!

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